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What Just Happened to NYC?

Bill just wrapped a year-long production documenting the incredible journey of three young women attempting to become models in New York City. Want to see? Click on 15, Fierce and Fabulous above.

We’ve Moved! Stop By & Check Out Our New Digs!

1st September 2013 By Bill

While we LOVED the old church that was our office the new loft in Venice Beach (aka Silicon Beach) is far more practical.  The circuit breakers don’t trip every afternoon, the A/C is ice cold AND there’s plenty of parking.  Bliss.

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Green Screen Thoughts

9th July 2013 By Bill

Are you going to shoot yourself some green screen?  Build a virtual set and then drop it in behind your talent afterwards? Read more…

How to shoot Celebrity Talent

14th June 2013 By Bill

Do you have an upcoming job with celebrity talent?  Follow these simple rules to pull off a flawless shoot.

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