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By Bill

Agreement Between The European Union And Japan

On 09, Sep 2021 | In Uncategorized | By Bill

EU-Japan relations are enshrined in two documents: the 1991 Joint Declaration and the 2001 Action Plan for EU-Japan Cooperation. There are also a number of forums between the two, including an annual summit of Heads of State and Government and an interparliamentary body. [1] The two sides have now agreed to work on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, which was discussed at the 42nd G7 Summit on 27 May 2016. To date, four agreements have been signed by both parties; [2] This agreement opens up great economic opportunities and creates an area of nearly 600 million people representing nearly 30% of global GDP. This agreement contains the main European principles of the right to regulation and high environmental and labour standards. In order to raise awareness of the possibilities offered by this agreement and to help EU SMEs to use them, the EU-Japan Centre has set up a CEPOL helpdesk to help and guide EU SMEs in finding relevant information. Between 2009 and 2011, trade between the two partners increased, with the EU maintaining a stable surplus and Japan`s share of total EU imports stable at just over 3%. [10] The EU is intensifying military cooperation between member states and could even create a European army, while Japan, under the leadership of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has announced the policy of “proactive contribution to peace”. Thus, the EU-Japan SPA fits perfectly together and allows both sides to find new ways to promote peace and security. and efforts to reduce trade conflicts. Officials at the Japanese Foreign Ministry hoped that the agreement would help expand political relations between Japan and the European Community and elevate them beyond the narrow confines of trade disputes. .

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