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By Bill

Arizona State Purchasing Cooperative Agreement

On 11, Sep 2021 | In Uncategorized | By Bill

D. A non-profit entity acting as a public procurement entity in accordance with this Section shall provide the statutory auditor, at the request of the statutory auditor, with all documents relating to all cooperative public procurement operations managed by the public procurement entity in accordance with this Section. E. A not-for-profit corporation acting as a government procurement entity in accordance with this Section shall comply with all public procurement laws applicable to the procurement entity participating in a cooperative procurement transaction managed by the non-profit corporation. G. An agreement or contract may be renewed as often as is desirable, but any extension may not exceed the duration of the previous agreement. F. It is necessary to take appropriate measures by regulation, decision or any other law applicable to the management bodies of the participating agencies, which authorise or extend the duration of the agreement or contract, before such an agreement, contract or extension can be submitted or take effect. G. Any public procurement entity that conducts or manages a cooperative purchase agreement for the purchase of construction or professional services must meet the requirements of sections 34-603 or 41-2578. Depending on the agreement with any supplier, the use of the acquisition card (PCard) to pay for items may or may not be permitted. The following list includes university-wide cooperation contracts and agreements as well as PCard compatibility.

F. This Section does not negate the responsibility of each procurement entity to ensure compliance with the laws applicable to government procurement, notwithstanding the fact that the cooperative procurement is managed by a non-profit corporation operating in accordance with this Section. B. The school authority or school districts, or both, may enter into an agreement with a public procurement entity in accordance with this Division to obtain materials and services necessary to remedy deficiencies in educational institutions. The following agencies are authorized to purchase under this Agreement: This Agreement applies to the use of all services, agencies, commissions, and boards of directors of the State of Arizona. In addition, authorized universities, political subdivisions and non-profit public education or health institutions may participate as they wish. To participate in this contract, a university, political subdivision, or nonprofit educational or health institution must have entered into a cooperative purchase agreement with the Department of Administration, State Procurement Office, in accordance with the revised Arizona Statutes 41-2632. For more information about the Co-Op program, see the following website: University Wide Contracts are agreements relating to goods and services entered into in favor of the University of Arizona. Using these agreements, departments will have access to discounted prices and a dedicated support team. help the university obtain benefits such as sponsorship, student initiatives, scholarship programs, training, professional development and e-procurement initiatives. Membership in the State Purchasing Cooperative is available to all political subsections in Arizona, including cities, counties, school districts, and special districts.

Membership is also available to all nonprofits as well as state governments, the U.S. federal government, and tribal nations. Non-profit organizations are defined in Article 41-2631 (4) of the A.R.S. as any non-profit corporation designated by the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with points 501 (c) (3) to 501 (c) (6). To join the state purchasing cooperative, follow the Electronic Link AZ Cooperative Purchasing Agreement, fill out the agreement and send it back to the National Purchasing Office. See the delivery and e-mail form. E. . . .