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By Bill

Brussels Agreement Between Serbia And Kosovo

On 13, Sep 2021 | In Uncategorized | By Bill

1. There will be an association/community of majority Serb communities in Kosovo. Membership is open to any other municipality, provided that the members agree to it. But the agreement lacks mutual recognition, which Pristina has insisted on since Belgrade`s declaration of independence in 2008. The representative of the Russian Federation, President of the Council for October, stated in his national capacity that Pristina continues to sabotage the formation of the Community of Serb Communities in Kosovo. On 14 October, Mr Hoti again ruled out the possibility of operating such municipalities with executive powers. He expressed the hope that the European Union`s mediation would lead to significant progress and took the steps that the parties have in Washington, D.C. stressed that Security Council resolution 1244 (1999) remains the international legal basis for a settlement on Kosovo.