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By Bill

We’ve Moved! Stop By & Check Out Our New Digs!

On 01, Sep 2013 | In Business, Company News | By Bill

While we LOVED the old church that was our office the new loft in Venice Beach (aka Silicon Beach) is far more practical.  The circuit breakers don’t trip every afternoon, the A/C is ice cold AND there’s plenty of parking.  Bliss.

A blog about a new office?

Here’s the funny thing about an office used for production.  Make sure it fulfills the constantly changing staff levels.  One week you’ll be crawling over each other because there are 5 different jobs in and the next you are living in a ghost town.  Desks should flip out of walls.  Chairs need to stack.  The kitchen and bathrooms should have ample storage to service the mob.


“A funny thing happens in real estate.  When it comes back, it comes back up like gangbusters.”
” -Barbara Corcoran

modern office furnitureInitially we thought the new space would be ridiculously large for our needs but two weeks ago we ran out of desks and now the conference room has been turned into a bullpen for very loud associate producers.  The walls are glass and the new carpet hasn’t arrived so it’s like being in a jar with a bunch of angry bees.  Hopefully bees who can keep under budget.