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By Bill

On 20, Aug 2019 | In | By Bill

Learn everything about Bill Price in 72 seconds

If you’re here for the first time and wondering about Bill Price then you should probably play this video.  It doesn’t take long to watch and is mildly amusing.  There are other things to watch below OR you could just cut to the chase and e-mail to request our very first conference call.  I hope you do.

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By Bill

On 20, Aug 2019 | In | By Bill

Motortrend Automotive Creative

I’ve become MotorTrend’s social media maven and long-form expert. Shaping a few hundred hours of car footage into jewel-like packages is what I do.

By Bill

On 26, Jul 2016 | In | By Bill

truTV comp

My god I’ve done a lot of spots for truTV.