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By Bill

Usaid Grant Agreement Template

On 14, Apr 2021 | In Uncategorized | By Bill

We have created special models to facilitate your management of local sub-subsidies as part of U.S. government funding. The forms and their use have been included in our Local Subgrants Use and Management Manual. Some of the forms contain their own specific instructions and instructions, while others are specifically mentioned in the user manual to support your use and application. You cannot use all forms when carrying out a USAID-funded project. Some forms may not be used depending on the type of agreement model used with local partners. If you have any questions about using the forms or need clarification, please contact us for further instructions and instructions. As part of an in-kind benefit, payments are never made directly to fellows because we provide all necessary goods and services on behalf of the fellow. This does not mean that the fellow is not an active partner in deciding the use of the funds. A fellow can make a valuable contribution to what is needed to achieve the objectives of the grant and technically supplement the grant by verifying the provision of goods or the performance of services if necessary.

The Fixed Amount Award (FAA) is distinguished by a focus on programmatic performance that can be easily identified and quantified. It is used when the proposed subsidy measures have very specific program elements and milestones, limited in their duration and easily linked to fixed-rate amounts that can be set in advance. Under this mechanism, we provide a specific level of financial support based on the pre-allocation of grant costs. Responsibility is primarily based on performance and results. Working with USAID`s grants (grants and cooperation agreements) funded by the U.S. government, with the participation of local partners (such as COs and NGOs) requires that we use different partnership models specifically designed for USAID-funded projects. The contractual relationship and compliance environment differ from other WaterAid donors. We are expressly required to use specific clauses and conditions for the management, implementation and supervision of these funds when local (sub-scholar) partners are involved. We have specifically created three types of premium agreement models that can be put in contact with local partners – each type of model is briefly described below.